Plan is to travel to Longreach (a distance of 1700 klms) via Bourke/Charlaville/Barcaldine, then onto Winton,Hughendon and across to the coast to Townsville.
Return home via Miles/Toowoomba/Coffs Harbour.
Journey should take around 4 weeks.Total estimated distance is 5400 klms.
The country we will be going through after departing Bourke is currently effected by a serious drought with towns like Ilfracombe and Longreach not having rain for 3 years.
The towns in this part of QLD are in a bad way and if we can support then by doing this trip and spending some money in each town such as fuel,accomadation, food and incidentals will assist them in some way.

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16/04/2015 07:18
Apr 2015

Day 1-Sat. 18/4/2015

Departed Oakville at 5.50am (110514 klm) on the first leg which is to Nyngan via Mudgee and Gilgandra around 564 kilometres and should take around 7 hours driving.
Weather fine and cloudy little wind till Nevertire and then heavy rain till near Nyngan.
Arrived at Nungan at 2.50 pm (111078 klm) and booked into the Nungan Riverside CP. Great little Caravan Park on the banks of the Bogan River. Cold overnight down...

20/04/2015 22:02
Apr 2015

Day 2:- Sunday 19/4/15

Departed Nyngan at 8.15am on 111078 klm,to travel to Cunnamulla a distance of 463 kilometres.
Weather cold overcast and windy 10c. Cleared during the day and got up to 20c but with a cold wind.
Stopped at Bourke for lunch and to fuel up details being:-
Klms 111283/CPL $1.409/LTS 57/Cost $80.00/Lt/100=20.2
Arrived at Cunnamulla at 3.15pm (111541klm) and stayed at the Worrego River Tourist Park on site No...

21/04/2015 16:47
Apr 2015

Day 3-Monday 20/4/2014

Departed Cunnamulla (111541k) at 11.45am to travel the 200 klms to Charlaville which will be around 3 hours.Night was very cold down to 7c and will only reach 16c today.Wind medium from the south.
Arrived at Charlaville at 3.15pm (111757) and booked into the Bailys Bar CP for two nights $ 56.00.Only a small park but very clean.Rating 6/10
Fueled up in Cannamulla details being:-klm 111759/CPL $1.329/LTR 65/Cost...

27/04/2015 14:34
Apr 2015

Day 4-Tuesday 21/4/2015

Stayed additional day at Charleville.Weather overnight fine windy and down to 8c. Got up to 22c during the day but still a very cold wind with an apparent temp of around 18c.
Walked around the town which like all country towns in Australia is experiencing hard times with a number of shops closing including a pub.
Went on a tour which covered the role the airfield played in WW2 where it had been handed over to...

28/04/2015 21:09
Apr 2015

Day 5:- Wednesday 22/4/2015

Departed Charleville at 6.45am to travel the 400 klms to Lara Wetlands some 30 klms south of Barcaldine.Very cold morning, 6c and a very cold wind.Passed through Blackall, a very small town around lunch time and arrived at Lara Wetlands at 1.15pm (112167klm). Temperature 22c but still a cold wind around 25kph.Lara is a working station not a CP and is an oasis in the middle of a desolate part of western QLD.Plan to stop 2...

28/04/2015 21:40
Apr 2015

Day 6:- Thursday 23/4/2015

Second day at Lara Wetlands.This is a most picturesque location. The day was perfect without wind at 25c.
Had a swim in the artisan boar pool at a temperature of 35c. Made Damper for lunch and cooked a baked dinner is an old wood burning stove which was over 120 years old. Best meal you could ask for!!! Sat around our campfire and ate our wonderful meal under the stars.We had the area to ourselves for the...

28/04/2015 21:43
Apr 2015

Day 7:- Friday 24/4/2015

Departed Lara Wetlands at 10.15am (112167klms) to travel the 200 klms to Infracome which is 27 kilometres before Longreach.
Booked into the Ilfracombe Caravan Park at 1.00 pm (112367klm) .Caravan Park is very clean and friendly and the spirit of the towns people is great considering the plight of the drought. The paddocks are just dust not a sign of grass anywhere.Kangaroos were roaming the town looking for food...

30/04/2015 21:05
Apr 2015

Day 8:- Saturday 25/4/2015 ANZAC DAY-100TH Anniversery

Attended the ANZAC Dawn Service at Infacolmb Memorial.Some 80 people attended the Service (both locals and a few travellers from the caravan park) and when you consider the population is 279 thats pretty good. Then traveled to Longreach to attend their ANZAC DAY MARCH. Great turnout including all the schools,collages and sporting clubs.Great to see these towns being so supportive of this important day in our...

30/04/2015 21:33
Apr 2015

Day 9:- Sunday 26/4/2015

Departed Infracombe at 8.20am (112406k) to travel the 400 kilometres to Hughendon and Dino Country.Wether fine and clear with an overnight of 8c up to 27c during the day.Strong wind (30kmh) got up around 9.00am and lasted all day.
Arrived at Hughendon at 3.15pm on 112844 klms and booked into the Terry Alan CP site 3, $34.00 per night for 2 nights. Clean and tidy Rating 7/10.
Fuel Performance this...

01/05/2015 08:52
May 2015

Day 10:- Monday 27/4/2015

Stayed the day at Hughenden and visited the Dino Museum which was ver interesting.
Overnight temp of 6c was the coldest April night in 128 years!Got up to 28 during the day.
Plan to travel tomorrow to Charters Towers a distance of 250 klms and only 149 klms from the cost.
Fuelled up at Hughenden details being:-112908klm/CPL $1.498/LT 45.3/Cost$68.00/20Ltrs/100k

05/05/2015 16:53
May 2015

Day 11:- Tuesday 28/4/2015

Departed Hughenden at 8.45 (112908Klm) to travel to Charters Towers a distance of 250 klms.
Weather, temperatures...o/n 10c and daytime 29c at Charters Towers. Fine and clear with no wind.
As you travel towards the coast the signs of the drought diminish quickly as there has been recent rain in this area and however small has made an impact.
Arrived Charters at 12.15 (113158 klms) and booked into the...

05/05/2015 17:12
May 2015

Day 12:-Wednesday 29/4/2015

Second day at Charters Towers.
Overnight temp 18c and daytime up to 28c.Day fine and clear, no wind.
Plan to visit a number of local attractions including Towers Hill which was an ammunition dump for the RAAF during WW2.

Fuelled up ready to travel the 357 klms to Airlie Beach.

05/05/2015 19:45
May 2015

Day 13:- Thursday 30/4/2015

Departed Charters Towers at 8.15am (113203klm) to travel to Airlie Beach a distance of 357 klms.
Weather fine and clear and no wind.Temp overnight 20c and daytime up to 30c at Earlie.Really great conditions.
Arrived at Earlie Beach at 12.30 (113583 klms) and booked into the Sea Breeze CP, site 50 for 2 nights, cost $38 per night. Crowded park but amenities very clean. Rate:7/10.
Earlie Beach / Shute Harbour...

05/05/2015 19:51
May 2015

Day 14:- Friday 1/5/2015

Second day at Airlie Beach.
Overnight temp 20c and up to 30c during day. Perfect weather, no wind and sky clear. Spent the day looking around the area.

Fuelled up ready for the 225 klm trip to Cape Palmeston National Park.

05/05/2015 20:24
May 2015

Day 15:- Saturday 2/5/2015

Departed Airlie at 8:15am (113617 klms) to travel the 223 klms to Cape Palmeston National Park
Weather is again perfect with overnight temp of 20c and daytime 28c with no wind and clear blue skies.
Took a 20 klm detour to visit Mackay Harbour.
Arrived at Cape Palmeston National Park at 12.45pm (113860 klm) and booked into the Cape Palmerston CP. for 2 nights, site 50 and $33 per night.
This Caravan...

06/05/2015 19:46
May 2015

Day 16:- Sunday 3/5/2015

Second Day at Cape Palmerston.
Great wether,clear and sunny, overnight 14c and 29c during the day.
Went for a walk on the beach which is around 4 kilometres long and we were the only people in sight.

Fuelled up ready for the 540 klm leg tomorrow to Theodore on the way to Toowoomba which is in total nearly 1000 kilometres.

Fuel details:-
Ilbilbie / 113880/ CPL $1.319/ 50LTRS/Cost...

06/05/2015 20:06
May 2015

Day 17:- Monday 4/5/2015

Departed Cape Palmerston National Park ( 113886) at 8.10 am on the first leg of the trip to Toowoomba via Townsville which will be around 540 kilometres to Theodore,a village on the Leichardt Highway about half way to Toowoomba.
Weather is brilliant, clear blue skies with no wind. Overnight temperature got down to 9c and the forecast is up to 28c for today.
Fuelled up at Rockhampton, details:-

06/05/2015 20:24
May 2015

Day 18:- Tuesady 5/5/2015

Departed Theodore at 7.45am (114373 klms) to travel around 470 klms to Toowoomba on the Darling Downs of QLD.
Weather is again outstanding with overnight of 12c and daytime 28c. Fine and clear, no wind.
Traffic light until Chinchilla then constant with a lot of Semi Trailers, "B-Doubles and Road Trains (Prime Mover hauling 3 or 4 trailers) right into Toowoomba.
Fuelled up at Taroom, a small village on...

08/05/2015 18:22
May 2015

Day 19:-Wednesday 6/5/2015

Second day at Toowoomba, the city of "gardens" with a population of 130,000.its a big inland city and the traffic is constant all day.
Weather fine and clear overnight down to 8c and up to 25c during the day. Slight cold wind from the south with an apparent temp of 20c.
Visited Picnic Point Lookout, the highest point over the city with magnificent views of the valleys surrounding the mountain and...

08/05/2015 18:47
May 2015

Day 20:- Thursday 7/5/2015

Departed Toowoomba to travel the 500 klms out to the Gold Coast and then down the Pacific Highway to Coffs Harbour/Woolgoolga.
Weather fine clear and no wind.Temp overnight down to 8c and up to 21c at Woolgoolga at 2pm.
Traffic heavy all the way with again,a large number of Semi Trailers and B-Doubles. At one time we had 6 in a row overtake us.
Fuelled up at Maclean just north of Grafton,details:-...

08/05/2015 18:52
May 2015

Day 21:- Friday 8/5/2015

Second day at Woolgoolga.
Weather is again fine and clear, overnight temp 8c and only up to 18c during the day as a cold wind sprung up around 9am and lasted most of the day. Had a rest day with long walks on the beach and headlands which look out to the Pacific Ocean and a group of uninhabited islands which are called the "Solitary Islands".

09/05/2015 19:34
May 2015

Day 22:- Saturday 9/5/2015

Departed Woolgoolga at 6.30am to travel around 440 klms to Nelson Bay.

Weather: Fine and clear wind from the south at about 15 kph. Overnight temp dropped to 7c and only got up to 17c in the middle of the day due to the wind which increased to around 25 kph in the middle of the morning.
As a result of the early start the run to Nelson Bay had little traffic however the trip took 6 hours as a big...

12/05/2015 12:43
May 2015

Day 23:- Sunday 10/5/2015

Departed Nelson Bay at 9.50am to travel home to Oakville a distance of around 217 kilometres.Should take around 2.75 hours.
Weather fine and clear but a very strong wind is blowing from the south west at gale force of 45 kph. Temp 17 but with chill factor only 12c
Arrived home at 1.30 (115847 klm) ...Journey took longer as there was an accident on the M1 Expressway at Warnervale which added another 45 mins...

20/05/2015 19:21
May 2015

"Out to Longreach"---Summery of our Trip

Summery :-
Oakville To Winton/Hughendon via Bourke then out to Townsville across to Toowoomba
and return via Coffs Harbour
# Saturday 18 April to Sunday 10 May 2015 -23 Days
# Total Days:-23
# Total Travel Days :-16
# Total Kilometres:- 5551
# Fuel Total Litres :-987
# Fuel Total Cost:- $1306
# Fuel Average cost per litre:- $132.3
# Litres/Kilometre :-...

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