Our plan is to travel the 3700klm to Esperance Western Australia via Tunandra in the wine growing area of the Adelaide Hills. Allowing 5 weeks to complete the return journey.Traveling with another couple.
Our rig is a 2012 Jayco Sterling 21.6-3 towed by a Toyoto Land Cruiser Sahara 2008.
Our traveling companions rig is a 2011Jayco Sterling 21.6-3 towed by a Toyoto V8 Turbo Landcruiser Ute

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07/02/2014 04:10
Feb 2014

Day 1:-Friday 7/2/14

First day of the trip starting of at 4.30am (94727) to travel to Queanbeyan to have a full service on the van prior to actually starting the trip.
Departed Jayco Queanbeyan at 1.30 to travel to Wagga and meet up with our traveling companions. Arrived Wagga at 5.45pm and. Booked in at East Riverview Big 4 .Small park but very nice clean park. Cost per night $32.50

Fuelled up at QB Details :-...

08/02/2014 06:43
Feb 2014

Day 2:-Saturday 8/2/14

Day fine and 30c at 6.30am. Forecast to reach 44c. Set off (95298) at 7.00 am to travel to our next overnight stop at Mildura on the Vic border.
Fueled up at Narrandra. 95396k/70lt/1.659/$116
Stopped off at the Sheares Hall Of Fame in Hay.Continued on across the Hay Plain .Encountered a head wind which gave us a fuel economy of 22/100 and fuelled a second time at Balranald .Details...

21/02/2014 07:30
Feb 2014

Day 3:- Sunday 9/2/14

Decided to stay another day at Mildura as the temperature is forecast to be over 45c with strong winds and Bushfires. not a good day to travel.
Went for a trip around the town which is on the Victorian side of the Murray River and is an oasis in the Malle Scrub of the Riverland Fruit Region as a result of irrigation set up in the late 1880s.Avery pretty town.Fulled up Details:- 95855/35lt/1.60lt/$52

21/02/2014 07:50
Feb 2014

Day 4:- Monday 10/2/14

Day fine and clear with little wind and forecast temperature of only 29c
Departed Mildura (95870)at 9.00 am to travel 352k to Tunandra in the Adelaide Hills,arrived at The Vineyard where we will stay for the next 2 nights at 1.30pm after a break for lunch at Waikerie a pretty little Village overlooking the Murray River
Fuel economy 18lt/100k good conditions no wind.
Went out at dusk to watch the mechanical...

21/02/2014 08:00
Feb 2014

Day 5:-Tuesday 11/2/14

Our first full day in the Barossa Valley, forecast is for more hot whether a 45c day.The Barossa Valley wine growing district is without doubt one of the prettiest parts of Australia if not the world.Toured all the Vineyards and Wineries.
Fuelled up at Tunandra as we head towards Ceduna the start of the Nullarbor Plain at 5.00am tomorrow morning
Fuel Details:- 96200/62.5ltr/1.599/$100

21/02/2014 13:56
Feb 2014

Day 6:- Wednesday 12/2/14

Heading of early today to travel the 458 klms to Kimba leading up to the Nullarbor as the forecast is for another 45c day.
Departed Tunandra ( 96208) at 5.00am and headed west into the Clare Valley but will need to be vigilant as there are Bushfires about.we hope to be through before the wind and heat take effect.
The Clare Valley is like the BARROSSA a Wine growing area and has been so since the...

21/02/2014 14:47
Feb 2014

Day 8:- Thursday 13/2/14

Departed Kimba at 7.10am (96666 )today should be a better day for driving with the forecast being fine and 38c and plan to travel the 306 klms to Ceduna on the edge of the Nullarbor. Arrived at 11.30 after fuelling at Wundina details being :- 96760/45ltr/1.65/$75 ...Fuel economy this leg 17.7ltr/100k.
Booked into the Shelly Beach Caravan Park, nice clean drive through site,
One thing that has surprised me is the...

21/02/2014 15:07
Feb 2014

Day 8:-Friday 14/2/14

Departed Ceduna (97010) at 5.50 am a bit late as the rain is very heavy and visibility poor. No real light till around 8am which is a bit scary as there is flooding over the Eyer Hwy in places. Area has had record rainfall over night after record high temperatures, 11 days over 44c.Plan is to cover the 531 kilometres to Eucula.weather conditions eased somewhat around 11.00am and we were able to stop at the Head of the...

22/02/2014 07:08
Feb 2014

Day 9:-Saturday 15/2/14

Forecast is for fine day with temperatures of 44c
Departed Ecula (97541) at 6.00am to travel the 605 klms to Fraser Station.
Stopped at Medura Pass to take in the sights...Flat to the horizon in all direction but still beautiful.On the leg between Medura Pass and Craiguna, about 3 hours in traveling time we spotted Eagles al least every 15 minutes either soaring above the road or perched in the small scrub...

22/02/2014 09:01
Feb 2014

Day 10:- Sunday 16/2/2014

Day fine and clear forecast temperature 28c.Departed Frasher Range (98148) at 7.30 am to travel the last leg of our trip to Esperance WA. A distance of 302klms
Fuelled up at Norsman the last town on the Nullarbor.Details:-98249/70ltr/1.69/$118
Easy run from here down to the coast and arrived at Esperance (98450) at 12.15 pm and booked into the Seafront CP
Fuel economy this leg :-16.6lt/100k

22/02/2014 09:18
Feb 2014

Day 11:- Monday 17/2/2014

Staying at Seafront CP Esperance as a base for the next few days.Traveled out to Cape La Grand National Park in which is Cape La Grand Bay, Lucky Bay Rossiter Bay and Duke of Orleans Bay. Most Bays have French names as it was a French explorer that sailed this part of the coast in 1792. Matthew Flinders charted these waters and islands in detail in 1802. Lucky Bay was named by Matthew Flinders when he took...

22/02/2014 09:21
Feb 2014

Day 12/13/14/Tuesday 18/2/2014to Thursday 20/2/2014

Days are bit overcast, wind come up at mid day around 30 knots and temperature 24c.Easy days, looked over the town went bike ridding with AC and did maintenance on van car and me.

Wednesday was an interesting day with a large Cruise Liner the Celebrity Solstos Arriving in the Bay and disgorging 2000 tourists.Watched them unload from the ships tenders.Got very windy in the afternoon around 35 knots and...

22/02/2014 09:35
Feb 2014

Day 15:-Friday 21/2/2014

Day partly cloudy and 21c.Sue and Andrew have moved on today to visit Wave Rock and we are off to climb Frenchman Peak ,a huge rock in the Cape La Grande NP, named by the French by the French in 1792
Climb is around 3klms but will take 1.5 hours as it's all straight up !!! ....262metres.

Big climb but we achieved it and the view made it worth while.Traveled 4klms from Frenchman to Hellfire Bay which we...

22/02/2014 11:17
Feb 2014

Day 16:- Saturday 22/2/2014

Day overcast and around 22c.Went fishing at Bandy Creek Trawler Harbour but no luck.
Finally saw one of the bulk Ore Carries leave ,the TRINITY STAR 92000 tons and 289 metres long and another the BULK INTEGRITY 91000 tons and 288 metres long take its place at the Loading Wharf. The Harbour Pilot is transferred by Helicopter. There are usually 2 or 3 Ships loading at one time and another 2 or 3 waitng in the...

23/02/2014 21:17
Feb 2014

Day 17:- Sunday 23/2/2014

Day fine and clear slight breeze forecast 29c. Departed Esperance (98990) at 7.15 for the 383klm run to Kalgoolie
Arrived at Boulder CP at 11.45 on 99378, park is just OK,old and tied but clean.Will be here 2 nights.

Performance on this leg:- Fuel Economy:19.5lt/100k, average speed 82kph
Fuelled up at Kalgoolie Details:-99387/76ltr/1.659/$126

24/02/2014 17:15
Feb 2014

Day18:- Monday 24/2/2014

Second day in Kalgoorlie,whether fine and hot 36c no wind.
Visited the Royal Flying Doctor Service at Kalgoorlie Airport and talked with the pilots that actually fly the two planes stationed there.
Went on a tour of the "Super Pit" open cut Gold Mine, very interesting.

27/02/2014 09:58
Feb 2014

Day 19:- Tuesday 25/2/2014

Departed Kalgoorlie (9943) at 6.10 to travel to Norsman where we will pickup the Eyre Highway and the Nullarbor Plain, our aim is to make a hole in the trip on the first day and the planned stop is Madurah Pass a distance of 701 klms.
Day is fine and clear with a forecast temperature of 24c and windy in the afternoon.

Fuelled up at Norsman, Details:- 99621/45lt/1.69/$76
Economy this leg:-...

27/02/2014 19:05
Feb 2014

Day 20:- Wednesday 26/2/2014

Departed Madurah (100144k) at 7.15 to travel to one of the free camp sites overlooking the Great Australian Bight cliffs. Fuelled up at Eucula Roadhouse Details being :-100325/72ltr/1.98/$142
Fuelled up a second time at Nullarbor details being :-100537/50ltrs/1.66/$85
Obtained permission to camp on the Aborigional Land in the Nullarbor National Park at the "Head of the Bight" setting up at 3.30 pm on...

27/02/2014 20:04
Feb 2014

Day 21:- Thursday 27/2/2014

Departed the Nullarbor NP (100537) at 6.00am in total darkness to travel around 400 Klms to Streaky Bay on the SA coast.
Fueled up at Ceduna Details being:-100817/55 ltr/1.645ltr/$90.
Arrived at Streaky Bay Foreshore Caravan Park (100928) at 11am and obtained thanks to Andrew a waterfront site. Streaky Bay is a small but pretty village located on the shores of the xxxxx Gulf and is the home to a small...

01/03/2014 21:27
Mar 2014

Day 22:-Friday 28/2/2014

Second day at Streaky Bay. Went fishing from the jetty, Liz and Andrew caught 10 fish between them and 5 Blue Swimmer Crabs.

Day was fine and sunny but very windy and cold.Temperature only 20c during day and down to 12 at night.

Went for a walk around town

01/03/2014 22:05
Mar 2014

Day 23:- Saturday 1/3/2014

Day fine and clear, but cold , 20c and windy again.
Departed Streaky Bay at 8.00 am to travel 300 klms to Port Lincoln SA.
Travelled along the Port Lincoln Highway which runs parallel with the coastline and has spectacular views. Most travellers miss this by using the main highway , the Eyre Highway.
Visited Venus Bay and Eliston 2 tiny hamlets on the coast. Arrived at Port Lincoln (101120) at 3.30 pm and...

05/03/2014 21:52
Mar 2014

Day 24:- Sunday 2/3/2014

Day fine and windy temp 23c

Looked around Port Lincoln a nice tidy town at the bottom of the Eyre Peninsular and home to the largest fishing fleet in Australia.The main industry is fishing for Prawns and farming Salmon. Visited the Museum which was very interesting and later the working port where giant silos hold grain which is loaded into Bulk Carriers.

Port Lincoln is the deepest port on the...

07/03/2014 20:29
Mar 2014

Day 25:- Monday 3/3/2014

Third day at Port Lincoln had a look around the area and in the afternoon went for a tour around the canals and the marina where the fishing fleet are based

Fuelled up ready for the run tomorrow to Wilpena Pound
Details:- 101310/75ltrs/1.63/$123

07/03/2014 20:43
Mar 2014

Day 26:- Tuesday 4/3/2014

Day fine and clear no wind 27c
Departed Port Lincoln at 7.15am (101310) to travel 295 klms to Wilpena Pound.
Fuelled up at Port Augusta details:-101310/67ltrs/1.629/$110
Drove into the foot of the Beautiful Flinders Range around 1.30pm and visited the ruins of the old Kanyaka Station.
Arrived Wilpena Pound at 3.00 (101848).fuel Economy this leg 19/100
Walked 4klms to one of the lookouts to watch the...

07/03/2014 20:50
Mar 2014

Day 27:-Wednesday 5/3/2014

Day fine and hot, 35c.
Second day at Wilpena Pound
Set out to walk 7klms and to climb Saint Mary's Peak a 6 hour round trip. It is considered a very hard hike.
After about 2 hrs we had covered 6 klms and the last 2 klms were very steep and over loose rocks. Temperature had already reached the low 30's and we decided that to go on with the last 1klm which was nearly straight up could be unwise so we...

07/03/2014 21:56
Mar 2014

Day 28:- Thursday 6/3/2014

Day fine and clear little wind temperature 30c
Departed Wilpena Pound (101976) at 7.15am to travel 500 klms to Renmark.
Fuel:-Top up only at Hawker as price is $1.78 ltr Details:- 102026/27ltr/1.80ltr/$50.
Traveled to Pererborough, an old railway town which is now on its last legs.
Fuelled up again as the cost of fuel is only 1.61ltr-Details:- 101107/60 ltr/1.61/$97
Traveled 200 klm through the back...

07/03/2014 22:05
Mar 2014

Day 29:- Friday 7/3/2014

Day fine and clear little wind temperature 25c.
Fuelled up at Renmark. Details :- 102480/48 ltrs/1.63/$76
Departed Renmark at 9.45 to travel the 148 klms to Mildura and arrived at the Buronga CP (102628)at 12.00 and booked in to a great riverside site (22)Cost per night $25
Fuel economy this leg 20ltr/100k

In the afternoon we traveled 26 klms to Wentworth the town where the two great rivers...

08/03/2014 20:29
Mar 2014

Day 30:- Saturday 8/3/2014

Day fine and hot 30c.

Second day at Mildura. Looked at points of interest around town. There are a number of old and beautiful buildings to be seen

Fuelled up ready for the 550 klm run to Wagga tomorrow .


10/03/2014 17:12
Mar 2014

Day 30:- Sunday 9/3/2014

Day fine and sunny slight wind temperature 36c
Departed Mildura (102740) at 7.30 am to travel the 539 klms to Wagga
Fuelled up at Hay. Details:- 103023/55ltr/1.61/$89
Arrived at East River View Big 4 Wagga at 2.15 and checked into the Big4 Caravan Park for 2 nights. Site 73:-$32.50 per night
Fuel Economy this leg:-19/100k using 5th and very little wind.

10/03/2014 17:29
Mar 2014

Day 31:- 10/3/2014

Day fine and clear no wind and temperature 36c

Drove to Albury to visit the Bonegilla Migrant Camp where Liz's Mum and Dad were sent when they arrived in Australia from Hungary in 1950. Found the whole experience quite intriguing and left me with some deep feelings about the way the process worked. I was just a little kid when this project was being played out but remember going to school with kids who had...

11/03/2014 22:06
Mar 2014

Day 32:- Tuesday 11/3/2014 :--THE LAST DAY !!!!

Our last day and final run home
Departed Big 4 Wagga at 8.00am (103521) to travel the last 547 kilometres to home.Day is fine and clear with little wind and temperature of 34c
Fueled up at Gundigai where the famous "Dog Sits On The Tucker Box 5 Miles From Gundigai"
Details:- 103700/40 ltr/1.639/$65
Arrived home at 1.30 on 104068
Fuel Economy this leg:- 18ltr/100k

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