The Big Apple is a dream for most of you. What if this dream came with a swimming­pool in your hotel ?

One United Nation New­-York and its paronamic swimming­pool on the 27 floor is breath taking. Its fitness center next to the pool allows you to keep fit while being in a nice surrouding.

This hotel is based midtown, a little outlying towards the east but located across the UN and not far from the famous places (Grand Central Station, Chrysler Building). The possibility to have a fantastic sight both over the East River and Manhattan is priceless.

The rooms are big and the bed are comfortable. The restaurant is at your disposal if you wish to have a quiet meal.

As for us, we were there for Christmas and we have not been disappointed. When we wished to ask for an extra folding­ bed for our little girl, the folding bed was brought in without any difficulty. The staff is helpful and the room fully equipped.

The borough is calm with a few restaurants .The Amish Market shop is to be considered when you want supplies and when you're fed up with eating hamburgers or donuts. The district is not swarmed with people which generates a nice sensation before going out into the « New­-York jungle ».

Last tip, you can easily walk or take the bus when you don't want to take the subway. I advise you to take the bus « 15 » to go straight to Central Park.

Fanny Roche Brauge Fanny Roche Brauge
- 28/06/2014
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