Create a travel journal with followColumbus

Create a travel journal online allows you to share news with your friends and relatives. You can also make it public and share it with other travellers.

Here are the different steps to create your travel journal :

Create a user account

It's very simple to create a user account on followcolumbus. To identify yourself, think of validating your inscription clicking on the link found in the validation email.
You can also connect yourself using your facebook account.

Create a trip

Once you validated your account, vou can create your first trip pressing the button "Create a journey".

Add a stop

To add a stop to your trip, just press the button "Add a stop" or "Add a photo" after selecting a photo from your hardware.

Add a photo or a video

Once you've created a stop, you can add one or many photos or a video. Click on the link "Add a photo" or "Add a video" in the list of actions linked to an event.

Invite a friend or a relative to follow you

To invite a friend or a relative to follow you, enter his email address and press the button "Invite".Your friend will receive an invitation email.
He will have to create an account in order to see your trip if this one has a "Public", "Friends" or "Family" authorization.
A friend or a relative will be associated to the group "Friends".